Artfromtheplanet Presents: Mola Sneakers

Susan Patterson presents her Mola Sneakers. Artfromtheplanet is developing a series of videos for interior design purposes, and a behind the scenes of what has been very influential to her craft and development as a fiber artist.

Where The Fibers Meet

We at artfromtheplanet are dedicated to delivering the best products to our clients. Our clients come from many backgrounds but there is a common thread that states "I want art for my home and person that will last". It so happens that we have been doing it all along, but hadn't put a name to it "Forever Wear". Forever Wear means sustainable, organic, artful and indigenous. Take a classic outfit or home, add one of our accessories and "wow" you are wearing or decorating with history and art...simple and elegant. Many of you know we travel to many countries looking for new fibers, craftsmen and products. We have such pleasure developing collectives of men and women and helping them realize their dreams. They win and you win.

We want to thank you for your support and encouragment.

Our Best,

Brian and Susan